I Can't Stop
Album Abe Messiah
Released 2000
Recorded 2000 at Trident Studios, London

Euphonix Studios at Nomis Studios, London Marmalade Studios, Wellington

Label Sanctuary Records Group
Length 3:12

I Can't Stop is a song featured on both the original Abe Messiah album and the 2003 re-release.


  • Lead vocals by Andrea Sanders & The Beat Girls
  • Backing Vocals by Katei Bonnar and Tari More
  • Drums and percussion by Steve White
  • Guitar by Hussein Boone
  • Saxophone by Colin Hemmingson
  • Banjo by Jim Lowe
  • Engineered by Jim Lowe and Neil Maddever
  • Mixed by Glenn Skinner


You lift me up, you bring me down
I twist and turn, you spin me round
Oh you got me

You take me high when I am low
You give me space and room to grow
Oh you got me

I can't stop thinking about you
The things you say, the things that you do
As long as I live, I'll be there for you
I've no doubt cos our love is true

You hold me near when I'm away
And every nigth and every day
Oh I want you

Without you here the sun don't shine
The stars don't glow and nothing rhymes
Oh I want you

Repeat Chorus

You give me a reason to survive
You wake me up, I feel alive
Oh you got me

I can't sit still, can't concentrate
I need you so, I just can't wait
Oh you got me

Repeat Chorus

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