The Horton Bailey Hotel, renamed Ebony's Palace and later Ram's Palace, usually referred to as the hotel, was the Locos' headquarters under Ebony's leadership, and later taken over by the Technos' and used as their headquarters.

Description Edit

After The Chosen took control of the city, the outer borders of the hotel were painted blue.[1]

History Edit

The hotel was first used as Ebony's base of operations after Zoot went missing and she took over as leader of the Locos. She kept both Bray and Lex prisoner in hotel rooms. Later, Ebony moved in with the Mall Rats for a while after the Locos turned against her.

Because of tensions with the Mall Rats and losing her role as security chief at the mall to Lex, Ebony transferred her base back to the hotel with her militia. Jack was brought along for his technical skills, and spied on Ebony for the Mall Rats, placing a microphone in her suite.[2][3]

When the Chosen attacked at the end of season two, they invaded the Hotel after they'd taken most of the tribe leaders as prisoners. However they didn't make their base there, but moved into the Mall in season three.

In season Four, when the Technos invaded the city, they took over the Hotel, renaming it Ram's Palace. They quickly changed the look of the place, with their many computers, using the camera system to their advantage. Even after Ram was defeated, it remained in the Technos control as Mega slowly manipulated his way into the new power, and using it as a base of operations for taking over the city.

Rooms Edit

  • 3 - Java's room. (Series 4)
  • 5 - Where Java was held in captivity by Mega. (Series 5)
  • 8 - Where Trudy stayed with Brady after Jay cheated on her. (Series 5)
  • 11 - Ebony's room. (Series 4)
  • 23 - Siva's room. (Series 4)
  • 28 - Opposite room 32. (Series 2)
  • 32 - Where the Mall Rats were kept prisoner by The Chosen. (Series 2)
  • 208 - Where Lex was kept by Ebony to test the antidote. (Series 1)
  • 322 - Trudy's room when the Chosen stayed at the hotel. (Series 2)
  • 326 - Where Alice was kept prisoner by The Chosen. (Series 2)
  • 329 - Ebony's suite. At the end of a corridor. (Series 2)

Appearances Edit


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