The Gulls are one of the weaker tribes. They raid cosmetics and food from more vulnerable tribes. Alice gets into a fight with the leader of the Gulls in Season 3 when the Chosen invaded the city, kidnapping all the tribe leaders. The Gulls usually beat up and steal the food from strays wandering the streets of the city. The Gulls' leader is killed in Season 5 after she steals food from the Zootists (Ebony kills her by feeding her poison).

About the GullsEdit

  • They dress in green and black.
  • They use hockey sticks and baseball bats as weapons.
  • They constantly get in turf wars with the Zootists.
  • They often use fire to get rid of their enemies.
  • They live in the Locos' ex-base and they own a couple of warehouses.
  • They usually kill Zootists for fun.

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