The Tribe aired in Germany on children´s channel KiKa from 2001 and onwards. The series proved to be very popular there and Germany became one of The Tribe´s biggest markets internationally. Due to it´s popularity, KiKa aired many TV specials that were not available to other countries. The cast visited Germany on tours, and on the tours of 2002 and 2003 they went to several cities. Several books and magazines were released exclusively to the German market, in addition to all the English ones being translated to German. Tribeworld, the official The Tribe site, even got its own German version on

Episode titlesEdit

Series 1Edit

  1. "Die Zuflucht" ("The Shelter")
  2. "Freund oder Feind" ("Friend or Foe")
  3. "Die Abstimmung" ("The Vote")
  4. "Die Geburt" ("The Birth")
  5. "Wo ist Bray?" ("Where is Bray?")
  6. "Das Geheimnis" ("The Secret")
  7. "Ist Bray ein Verräter?" "Is Bray a Traitor?")
  8. "Der Unfall" ("The Accident")
  9. "Ratten" ("Rats")
  10. "Die Wahl" ("The Election")
  11. "Die Gerichtsverhandlung" ("The Trial")
  12. "Ambers Plan" ("Amber´s Plan")
  13. "Ambers Vorschlag" ("Amber´s Proposal")
  14. "Cloe ist verschwunden" ("Cloe has Disappeared")
  15. "Tai-San"
  16. "Hochzeitspläne" ("Wedding Plans")
  17. "Eine böse Überraschung" ("A Nasty Surprise")
  18. "Was passiert mit Ebony?" ("What Happens to Ebony?")
  19. "Ebony ist verschwunden" ("Ebony has Disappeared")
  20. "Trudy gibt auf" ("Trudy Gives Up")
  21. "Angst um Trudy" ("Fear for Trudy")
  22. "Dal und Trudy" ("Dal and Trudy")
  23. "Ein neuer Anfang" ("A New Beginning")
  24. "Falsches Spiel" ("Wrong Game")
  25. "Die Rückkehr" ("The Return")
  26. "In der Falle" ("In the Trap")
  27. "Gefährliches Vertrauen" ("Dangerous Confidence")
  28. "Tauschgeschäfte" ("Trades")
  29. "Das Stammestreffen" ("The Tribal Gathering")
  30. "Der Rattenfänger" ("The Rat Catcher" / "The Pied Piper")
  31. "Salene in Nöten" ("Salene in Distress")
  32. "Ausflug zum Bauernhof" ("Excursion to the Farm")
  33. "Hochzeitsvorbereitungen" ("Wedding Preparations")
  34. "Gebrochene Knochen – gebrochene Herzen" ("Broken Bones - Broken Hearts")
  35. "Die Falle" ("The Trap")
  36. "Salenes Geständnis" ("Salene´s Confession")
  37. "Der Rückfall" ("The Relapse")
  38. "Gemeine Tricks" ("Common Tricks")
  39. "Falsche Anschuldigung" ("False Accusation")
  40. "Eine schwere Entscheidung" ("A Hard Decision")
  41. "Suche nach der Wahrheit" ("Search for the Truth")
  42. "Hope Island – Insel der Hoffnung" ("Hope Island '- I'sland of Hope")
  43. "Versuchskaninchen" ("Guinea Pigs")
  44. "Roulette"
  45. "Gefahr in Verzug" ("Imminent Danger")
  46. "Spiel mit dem Feuer" ("Play with Fire")
  47. "Ebonys großer Auftritt" ("Ebony´s Big Performance")
  48. "Ein Funken Hoffnung" ("A Glimmer of Hope")
  49. "Täuschungen – Enttäuschungen" ("Illusions – Disappointment")
  50. "Die Entdeckungen" ("The Discoveries")
  51. "Der Aufbruch" ("The Departure")
  52. "Eine ungewisse Zukunft" ("An Uncertain Future")

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