Information on future releases.


The Tribe: A New World follow upEdit

A follow-up novel to The Tribe: A New World is currently being written by A.J. Penn, with Raymond Thompson assisting him on storyline material. It is to be released by December 1st, 2012.[1]

Pre-virus back storyEdit

Raymond Thompson is working on doing some pre-virus back story. It "may well be also available this year but if not, definitely in the first quarter of 2013."[1]

The Tribe novelisationEdit

Raymond Thompson and Harry Duffin will be working together on a novelisation of the entire series of The Tribe, broken down into episodic blocks.[1]

Keeping The Dream Alive follow upEdit

Raymond Thompson is considering doing a follow up to his Keeping The Dream Alive book, perhaps with "a more focused inside story into The Tribe including detailed accounts (with photographs, etc) on all the make up, wardrobe, design, production elements".[1]

Graphic novelEdit

A graphic novel is in the planning stages.[1]



Tribes, a motion picture adaption of The Tribe, is scheduled for a 2014 release. It is currently in pre-production.


The Tribe plays are going to be made available.[1]