(Fish) and Lex
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Behind the scenes

Fish is a former Techno. He informs Lex that deleted doesn't mean dead, though he lacks any specific information about the location of the disapeared. This sends Lex right back to Mega for further info.


Fish was one of the few Technos that grow up on the Military base with Ram and the others and quickly sided with them, Fish showed he was a loyal Techno and a very good officer in there ranks, he was like most Technos able to use there network and had a good working with computers, He was in charge of Logistics for the Technos, over seeing supplie transports and prison convoys.

After season 4 and the fall of Ram, Fish was released from his cell and allowed to work again, but shortly left and started his new peacefull life in the docks as a fishermen.


  • He is often confused with the Trader the Mallrats escape the city with, despite looking nothing like him.
  • The character Fish was noted to have four takes to get his line right in one scene, since then his screen time went up and he was given lines and a name.

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