Pride and Ecos

The Gaians - also known as the Ecos or the Eco tribe - are a nature inclined tribe living in the nearby forests close to the City. Relatively peaceful, they believe in striking a balance between people and the world all around them, not wanting to taint or damage the earth like the adults once did.

The Gaians reside in the eco camp, which consists mainly of wooden huts and structures. They like to keep to themselves, but have helped the Mallrats on occasions thanks to the persuasion of both Pride and Amber.

The Gaians do not wear any distinctive tribal symbols or markings, however they are easily identifiable by the clothes that they wear. Another identifiable mark, is the tribal feathers that are worn in their hair. Pride was once the leader of the Gaians, a position which was then given over to Amber/Eagle. However, when Amber and Pride went to stay in the city Hawk took over as leader.

Culture and beliefs Edit

The Gaians like to live in harmony with the natural world.[1] They named the tribe after an idea from the old days that the earth was one giant, living entity. Each member of the tribe takes their name from an animal or bird that becomes their spiritual guide which they learn important things from.[2]

The tribe have a custom where two people pledge themselves to each other in front of the other members.[3]

Members Edit

  • Horse – Was rescued out of a fort along with his brothers by the Ecos.[4]
  • Owl[4]
  • Lynx[4]

Reference Edit

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