Series 1Edit

  • Trudy has a dream about the day she had to leave her parents.[1]
  • Ryan dreams of Lex's girlfriend Zandra, as he has a secret crush on her. In the dream, she walks up to him, tells him he's getting a big sloppy kiss, produces a fish and proceeds to slap him across the face with it. In reality it's Bob licking his face.[2]

Series 2Edit

  • Lex confides in Salene about a dream he had of his father the previous night. He describes the domestic violence he experienced and witnessed when he was a child. [3]

Series 5Edit

  • Trudy dreams that she is sitting in the café with Amber and talks about Salene's kidnapping. Suddenly Zoot appears. Trudy wakes up screaming and has a talk with Amber that is similar to her dream.[4]
  • Trudy has a nightmare of Zoot and Ebony taking away Brady.[5]
  • Ebony dreams of Zoot.[6]
  • Amber dreams that Mega kidnaps Baby Bray.[7]
  • Salene, currently ill, dreams of her parents and "reuniting" with them.


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