The Tribe Vol01
Album The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1
Released 2011
Label Cloud 9
Length 5:21
Producer Raymond Thompson

Dissent is an instrumental on The Tribe Soundtrack, Vol. 1 that was released in 2011. It was used as Technos theme in the fourth and fifth season of The Tribe. A variation of the piece is included in "Movement 3" on The Spirit Symphony.


  • 4x01: Techno invasion.
  • 4x01: Dee meets Ved.
  • 4x01: Pride and Lex notice the invasion. They say goodbye to Trudy and go back into the city. Ram, Java and Siva watch the invasion on monitors. Lex and Pride arrive at the Mall.
  • 4x02: Last Scene: Salene says they should fight back. Trudy watches the Technos. Jay tells Ram that the city is theirs.
  • 4x03: Jack and Ellie watch the Technos. Jack throws a bottle to distract them.
  • 4x03: Ved enters a bar that Dee is in.
  • 4x04: Ram is angry at Ved for loosing a communicator. He asks Jay how Ved should be punished.
  • 4x04: Jack is captured by the Technos.
  • 4x05: Jay tells Ebony that he will make her responsible for any damage on the Technos equipment.
  • 4x06: The Mall Rats fight against the Technos.
  • 4x10: Jay learns about the bomb in the hotel.
  • 4x12: Ram uses a lie detector on Java.
  • 4x18: Last scenes: The Technos discover Ved and Cloe in a tunnel. Jay and Pride are lying next to the fence of the power station.
  • 4x19: Ram locks Siva into cyber space with a nightmare.
  • 4x20: Ram leaves Ebony's room. The Mall Rats enter the building that Amber is kept in by the Technos and find the prisoners.
  • 4x21: Sammy and Mouse watch a horror movie. Amber wakes up and almost attacks them with a broom.
  • 5x01: First scene: kids on the street see Zoot.
  • 5x01: Amber asks Pride who could be worse than Ram. Ebony sees Zoot.
  • 5x01: Jay and Ebony talk about staying in the city. Ebony sees Zoot but doesn't want to tell Jay what's wrong.
  • 5x01: Ebony tells Trudy that Zoot is back.
  • 5x02: Trudy has a nightmare of Zoot.
  • 5x02: Last scene: Mega deletes Tai-San.

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