Background information

S4: 17


Unknown; most likely alive


The Mozquitoes (former), The Mallrats


City Deputy


The Mall

Physical description


Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour

Pale white

Significant others

Patch (boyfriend)

Behind the scenes
First appearance


"What's life without a little danger?" - Dee

Although the Mozzies featured in series 3 as part of Lex's deputies, Dee wasn't introduced into the show until series four, when she takes the place of Moz as spokeswoman for that tribe.

With her bright pink hair and English accent, she stands out from the other characters.

As she and the Mozquitoes think that the invading technos are really the adults coming back they go to see them, her Tribe are systematically attacked and rounded up by the The Technos. Dee is the only one left after she is found injured by Jack and Ellie and brought back to the Mall.

Dee becomes an ally with the Mallrats and takes up the position of Lex's deputy. Dee keeps the peace in the city by breaking up fights in the streets and trying to get people to stop using reality space. When Patch joins the Mallrats, it is evident he and Dee have something between them, but it takes them both a while to get with the program and admit their feelings for one another.

At the beginning of series five, a note is found from Dee and Patch saying they have decided to leave the city to start a new life together and try to find Patch's two brothers that were captured by the Technos. They aren't seen again.
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