The Colours is the name given to the Reds and the Blues who were put into the Paradise program to fight against each other. When they become addicted to the game, the Reds and the Blues start a real life war against each other. The members of the Colours wear red or blue bands on their head depending on which team they belonged to in the Virtual Reality game.

Although the Mall Rats are not heavily involved in the real life war, the 'Reds vs Blue' concept has a profound effect on some of the members. While May and Pride (representing the 'Blues') appear to be particularly good at the game, they swiftly become consumed by their addiction. Sammy and Mouse represent the 'Reds'. There is a scene where they shoot 'May' in the game. However, after 'May' exclaims, 'it's me', it is presumed that 'May' is actually Cloe, whose image was replaced by May's.

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