This is a list of characters by what Series they first appeared in The Tribe.

Series 1Edit

  • Bray (Dwayne Cameron)
  • Amber (Beth Allen)
  • Lex (Caleb Ross)
  • Zandra (Amy Morrison)
  • Ryan (Ryan Runciman)
  • Salene (Victoria Spence)
  • Jack (Michael Wesley-Smith)
  • Dal (Ashwath Sundarsen)
  • Tai-San (Michelle Ang)
  • Trudy (Antonia Prebble)
  • Cloe (Jamiee Kaire-Gatlulu)
  • Patsy (Sarah Major)
  • Paul (Zachary Best)
  • KC (Ari Boyland)
  • Sasha (David Taylor)
  • Ebony (Meryl Cassie)
  • Zoot (Daniel James)
  • Top Hat (Sam Husson)
  • Brady (Kirana Chase, Beanie Palmer, Eva Rose, Story Rose, & Georgia-Taylor Woods)

Series 2Edit

  • Danni (Ella Wilks)
  • The Guardian (Damon Andrews)
  • Alice (Vanessa Stacey)
  • Ellie (Jennyfer Jewell)
  • May (Laura Wilson)
  • Spike (Lee Donaghue)

Series 3Edit

  • Pride (Nick Miller)
  • Luke (Jacob Tomuri)
  • Ned (Bevin Linkhorn)
  • Andy (James Ordish)
  • Tally (Amelia Reyolds)
  • Moz (Miriama Smith)

Series 4Edit

  • Jay (James Napier)
  • Ram (Tom Hern)
  • Ved (Dan Weekes-Hannah)
  • Java (Megan Alatini)
  • Siva (Monique Cassie)
  • Dee (Kelly Stevenson)
  • Patch (Morgan Palmer-Hubbard)
  • Mouse (Jacinta Wawatai)
  • Charlie (Charley Murphy Samau)
  • Sammy (Lucas Hayward)
  • Kandi (Sally Martin)
  • Hawk (Sam Kelly)
  • Mega (Calen Maiava-Paris)
  • Ginny
  • Baby Bray (Lucas Hill & Adam Sondej)

Series 5Edit

  • Slade (Matt Robinson)
  • Ruby (Fleur Saville)
  • Gel (Vicky Rodewyk)
  • Darryl (Joseph Crawford)
  • Lottie (Beth Chote)
  • Zak

The Tribe: A New WorldEdit

  • Eloise
  • Blake
  • Emma
  • Lia
  • The Priestess
  • Tiffany
  • Shannon


  • In Series 1, Jacob Tomuri, who went on to play Luke in Series 3, appeared as a Loco.  It has never been confirmed whether or not the character he played in Series 1 is or isn't Luke.  However, due to Luke being The Guardian's lieuteant, more than likely, this character is Luke.

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