Cloud 9 Productions Edit

Production The Tribe cast
The Enid Blyton Adventure Series


David Taylor as Jack

Jennyfer Jewell as Lucy-Ann

Sam La Hood as Alexai

Ryan Runciman as Lucas

The Enid Blyton Secret Series


Daniel James as Jack Trent

Jennyfer Jewell as Peggy Arnold

Drew Neemia as Tom the Gypsy

The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson(1998) Sam Husson as Gorilla
The Legend of William Tell


Beth Allen as Princess Vara

Michael Wesley-Smith as Flynn

Joseph Crawford as Lucien

Amelia Reynolds as Tilly

James Ordish as Young Boy

Sam Husson as Slood

Drew Neemia as Drogo

George Henare as Chow Chu

A Twist in the Tale(1998) Antonia Prebble as Jem Johnson

David Taylor as David Morgan

Michelle Ang as Messha

Sarah Mayor as Emily Watson 

Amy Morrison as Jessica 

Dwayne Cameron as Chris 

Beth Allen as Rose Martinelli 

Sam Husson as Bertie Milton 

Joseph Crawford as Nigel Hargreaves 

Morgan Palmer Hubbard as Brad 

Joanne Mildehall as Mary Johnson 

Rose Bollinger as Louise Adams 

Drew Neemia as Jamie Irving 

Ryan Runciman as Darren 

Victoria Spence as Zoe 

Chantelle Brader as Victoria Tudor 

Atlantis High


Michael Wesley-Smith as Giles Gordon

Laura Wilson as Jet Marigold

Lee Donaghue as Josh Montana

Miriama Smith as Vita

Victoria Spence as Antonia/Anthony

Megan Alatini as Dr Leggz

James Ordish as Inner Child

Bevin Linkhorn as Don

Todd Emerson as Beanie

Sam Husson as Vortex

Robyn Malcolm as Violet Profusion

Sally Martin as Dana

Joanne Mildehall as Dorothy Gordon

Revelations: The Initial Journey


Tom Hern as Jess

Beth Allen as Anna

 Kelson Henderson as Tugen

 Morgan Palmer Hubbard as Aran

 Caleb Ross as Samuel

 Vicky Rodewyk as Vaani

 Charlie Bleakley as Danill

 Meryl Cassie as Lucy

 Laura Wilson as Hannah

 Damon Andrews as Harvey

 Sally Martin as Annie

Joanne Mildehall as Darlene

Drew Neemia as Jack Somerville

 Lee Donoghue as Mike

 Keegan Fulford-Wierziciki as Tully

 Daniel James as Danny

 Ari Boyland as Pig

 Amelia Reynolds as Kate

 Lucas Hayward as Aaron

 Ryan Runciman as Carl

 Miriama Smith as Anaka

 Jacinta Wawatai as Sandy

 Jacob Tomuri as Jacob

 Chantelle Brader as Sarah

Television Edit

Production The Tribe cast


Shortland Street(1992-) Fleur Saville as Libby Jeffries

Beth Allen as Brooke Freeman

Sally Martin as Nicole Miller

Lee Donoghue as Hunter McKay

Ari Boyland as Brodie Kemp

Robyn Malcolm as Nurse Ellen Crozier

Tom Hern as Baxter Cormack

James Napier as Glen McNulty

Nick Miller as Sean Kearney

Dwayne Cameron as Lindsey Reynolds

Miriama Smith as Nurse Awhina Broughton

Vicky Rodewyk as Madison Lodge

Jacob Tomuri as Norman Hanson

Caleb Ross as Logan Patterson

Kelson Henderson as Tim Weldon/Danny Morrissey 

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys(1995-1999) Amy Morrison as Hope

Kelson Henderson as Democles / Kid #1

Vicky Rodewyk as Child / Marcenea's Daughter

Caleb Ross as Nico

Sarah Major as Galea's Daughter

Morgan Palmer Hubbard as Boy #1

Young Hercules


Miriama Smith as Pelia

Megan Alatini as Sea Nymph #3

Xena: Warrior Princess


Morgan Palmer Hubbard as Argolis

David Taylor as Solan

Daniel James as Lynal

Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu as Orphan #2

Amy Morrison as Hope

Caleb Ross as Temecula

Beth Allen as Pilee/Vanessa

Miriama Smith as Shiana

Michelle Ang as Akemi

Dark Knight(2000-2002) Sam Husson as Thug 5

 Charlie Bleakley as Paug

 Antonia Prebble as Ruth 

 Amelia Reynolds as Rena

 Dwayne Cameron as Mordred

 Ryan Runciman as Hegg 

Street Legal(2000-2003) Dwayne Cameron as James Peabody

 Kelson Henderson as Gary

 George Henare as District Commander

Being Eve(2001-2002) Fleur Saville as Eve Baxter

 David Taylor as Corban

 Todd Emerson as Harley 

 James Napier as Jared Preston 

 Michelle Ang as Masako

Mercy Peak(2001-2003) Miriama Smith as Dana McNichol

Dwayne Cameron as Gus Van der Velter

George Henare as Manu Bishop

Robyn Malcolm as Liz

James Napier as Luke Bertram

Caleb Ross as Brett Duval

The Strip(2002-2004) Kelson Henderson as Cal

 Sally Martin as Gemma

 Michael Wesley-Smith as Craig Larkin

 Ella Wilks as Sala

 Charlie Bleakley as Office Boy

Outrageous Fortune(2005-2010) Robyn Malcolm as Cheryl West

 Antonia Prebble as Loretta West 

 Michelle Ang as Tracy Hong

 Beth Allen as Chantelle 

 George Henare as Ray Judd 

Interrogation(2005) Tom Hern as Christian Tariq McAvoy

 Antonia Prebble as Saskia

 Fleur Saville as Jolie 

Maddigan's Quest(2006) Fleur Saville as Silver Girl

Tom Hern as Bird Boy Leader

Charlie Bleakley as Hillbilly

Legend of the Seeker(2008-2010) Dwayne Cameron as Kur

Kelson Henderson as Rolf

Miriama Smith as Du' Chaillu

Charlie Bleakley as Shaun

Jacob Tomuri as Lieutenant Bram

Meryl Cassie as Courtesan

Go Girls(2009) Ari Boyland as Scott Smart

 James Napier as Mark

Spies and Lies


Todd Emerson as Nicholls

Nick Miller as Police Officer #2

Antonia Prebble as Mavis

TV Movie
Westside(2015-) Antonia Prebble as Rita West

 Todd Emerson as Bjelke 'Bilkey' van Heeder 

Power Rangers Edit

Series The Tribe cast
Dino Thunder(2004) Miriama Smith as Elsa

 Tom Hern as Devin Del Valle

 James Napier as Conner McKnight

 Kelson Henderson as Eddie/Announcer

 Dwayne Cameron as Derrick

 Sally Martin as Blue Wind Ranger

 Antonia Prebble as Krista

S.P.D.(2005) Kelson Henderson as Boom

 Beth Allen as Ally Samuels

 James Napier as Conner McKnight

 Dwayne Cameron as Dru Harrington

 Antonia Prebble as Nova Ranger

Mystic Force(2006) Antonia Prebble as Clare

 Kelson Henderson as Phineas/Elf Leader

Operation Overdrive(2007) Kelson Henderson as Norg

Dwayne Cameron as Tyzonn

Beth Allen as Vella

Sally Martin as Blue Wind Ranger

Jungle Fury(2008) Kelson Henderson as Flit

Vicky Rodewyk as Gabby

R.P.M.(2008) Ari Boyland as Flynn McAllistair/Blue Lion RPM Ranger

Kelson Henderson as Sat-Bot

Samurai(2011) Ari Boyland as Vulpes
Megaforce(2013) Kelson Henderson as Psychotick
Dino Charge(2015) Kelson Henderson as Cavity

Films Edit

Film The Tribe cast Notes
Jack Be Nimble(1993) Amy Morrison as Younger Sister

Victoria Spence as Younger Sister

Snakeskin(2001) Charlie Bleakley as Owen

Jacob Tomuri as Robbie

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring(2001) Sam Kelly as Council Elf/Last Alliance Elf

Vanessa Stacey (Voice-over)

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers(2002) Sam Kelly as Elf Warrior/Uruk-hai
Murder in Greenwich(2002) Sally Martin as Charity Foster

Beth Allen as Julia Skakel

Nick Miller as Teenager

TV Movie
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King(2003) Vanessa Stacey as Background cast
Out of the Blue(2006) Vanessa Stacey as Vanessa Percy

Jacinta Wawatai as Rewa Bryson

The Last Great Snail Chase(2007) Sally Martin as Josie

Caleb Ross as Rob

Michael Wesley-Smith as Daniel

I'm Not Harry Jenson.(2009) James Napier – Writer, director

Tom Hern – Producer

James Napier as Interviewer

Tom Hern as Kevin

Blood Punch(2014) Ari Boyland as Russell

Fleur Saville as Claire

The Dark Horse(2014) James Napier – Writer, co-producer

Tom Hern – Producer

James Napier as Dave

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