On January 22, 2012, A.J. Penn, author of The Tribe: A New World, and Raymond Thompson, appeared for a cast chat on The Tribe's official Facebook page and The Tribe Forum.

My question is for A.J Penn: When is the next book expected to be out and will Bray end up with Emma?Edit

Facebook pre-chat - No spoilersEdit

Bryant Oliver: Hello A.J Pen and Ray Thompson, My question is how was it like working with each other on the book?

RAY: Creatively it was terrific and very stimulating (I hope you are alright, Bryant and doing well - my love to you and your family and please keep going because your Mum would have wanted that).

Rachel Banks: My question is for Ray, since making the tribe do you have many people asking you to read scripts they've written based on the tribe or follow ons from previous series?

RAY: Yes. We get many submissions.

Arlett Mammel: Hello Ray & A.J.

I wanted to ask something about the upcoming movie. If it would be synchronised - would you have influence on who is going to synchronise the "old" characters? Because it would be really important to me and the probably many German fans that the voices are the same as used for the 5 seasons.

^ RAY: I honestly don't know. But that is a very good question. I can understand the need to have familiarity

My question is about the book-character Lia: Why does she come from Germany? And why doesn't she have a typical German name?

^ RAY: The name was chosen because Lia spelt that way means 'healer' so we wanted to give her that name for reasons which will be explained much later in future novels. We always thought that one of her parents would be German. But growing up with them being involved in the UN as Doctors would mean that they are multinational

Anne-Kathrin Richter: Hello Ray and A.J. Thank you so much for joining this chat and answering our questions. Greetings from Germany :-)

^ RAY: It's a great pleasure. Thank you for asking them. I am sorry we couldn't get to all. But another time...[1]

Facebook pre-chat - SpoilersEdit

Amanda Jack: I love the book, can I please ask, are any of the new characters from the book going to be in the movie?

Do you plan to write another book to follow on from a new world?

Is this book simular to "The Blood of Judas" which was mentioned a while back. Thank you so much for doing a book to give us season 6, thanks so much for bringing Bray back! I cried at the ending such a fantastic way to end the book.

Keeping the dream alive Amanda Jack

RAY: Thanks, Amanda. Greetings to you. I am trying to answer as many questions as I can so forgive me if I can't do them all at this point. Though I'll try at a later point.

are any of the new characters from the book going to be in the movie?

RAY: Potentially new characters in the movie. I'm working on different versions of the screenplay

Do you plan to write another book to follow on from a new world?

RAY: Yes

Is this book simular to "The Blood of Judas" which was mentioned a while back.

RAY: No it's totally different

Amanda Jack: I also meant to ask in my last post about some of the new characters.

I think its awesome that Emma had a disability in the book, also that in the show Paul had a disability. When the virus struck its worring to think of what happened to those that had disabiliies, illnesses(especially those that where in hospital or on regular medication etc) and the very young.

I was wanting to ask will you be exploring Emmas character more in the next book? And do you have any plans to write Paul back into the show/book?

Thanks Amanda

RAY: Yes to Emma and so as not to give away any spoilers as far as previous cast - we will definitely reveal what happened to all of them in future stories

Lance Mitchell: Hi Ray and AJ Penn. As you know I absolutely loved the book. Just a couple of quick questions.

RAY: Hello Lance, good to hear from you and I hope your creative juices are all flowing. I'm really pleased you enjoyed the novel and also thanks for the feedback.


1: In the prologue, the Guardian was mentioned observing proceedings, but we never see him again and his story was left unresolved in this novel. Was this intentionally left out until the next book? And if so, has it got anything to do with Alice and KC not yet returning since they were with him at the end of S5?

^ RAY: Yes it was intentional and in future stories, everything will be resolved

2: To echo Amanda, I think it's so great that The Tribe sheds lights on those with problems and disabilities. And I think we've all fallen for the new character Emma. Will we see more of her and her back-story in the next book?

^ RAY: Having a special need myself I think it is important to feature any and all areas for those with disabilities or special needs. So I am pleased you enjoyed this aspect. Both AJ and I loved Emma and have been totally overwhelmed with the amazing response to her character. We'll definitely feature her in future stories

3: During the novel a list of characters that Bray has seen has been mentioned, including Paul. However, Danni was not on this list. Is this a confirmation that she is dead? Or is there still a storyline for her in the future / possibility for a return?

^ RAY: Well spotted. Sorry I can't give details on this, Lance. Because I haven't got the structure in mind as yet for the next story and am knee deep in another draft of a screenplay. But we'll resolve any and all issues eventually including all characters and what happened to them. Step by step

4: During S5 we witnessed the aftermath of a kiss between Salene and May (which was cut by the broadcasters), however we see no scenes between the two at all during the novel. I know that you have a lot more freedom in novels, so is there a chance that this will be mentioned again in the future, or will the two head other ways, as we saw with Darryl's crush on Salene, and May's brief romance with Zak.

^ RAY: We are intending to explore all aspects of sexuality because that is very important. We simply had trouble containing the story in the novel and had to choose the core focus points leaving other areas we wished to feature until later. Including sexuality


1: Could you confirm the story timeframe for the movie that you are working on? Will it be from the virus to say Zoot's death, or encompass a broader scope (like the series 2 flashbacks and other events that may have taken place later) for the first movie? Any thoughts about certain characters appearing earlier, like May, Alice and Ellie?

Thanks for writing a great continuation, and I look forward to the next novel and more news of the movie.

Rebecca Bodycote: What was your fav ep to write? Who was your fav person to write for?

RAY: It's such a difficult question. I loved all the characters and episodes. Particularly enjoyed the pre-virus aspects.

Wendy Glover: To both of you, when you write, do you write in the chronological order that the readers will read, or do you write character threads, following these through to the very end, and then weave these altogether to make the complete story? What's easier to write novels or tv scripts? Thank you.

RAY: That's a good question Wendy. We like to work out a framework structure and then follow that rather than individual threads. It's a discipline I've always tried to use in my writing. The writing team for example in the series would do first a synopsis then once that was locked off a scene by scene breakdown then prior to going to script

AJ is currently on a flight and might be able to post his view at another time. But I have to say that I find all areas of writing extremely difficult (it's weird. It's a love hate relationship. I feel the need to do it but try and avoid it).

I have the utmost respect (and love) for anyone who creates anything (be it art, music, stories). So very important for you to keep writing. Whatever the obstacles. As a general rule, novels and screenplays seem to have different disciplines with films being about what people do, theatre what people say and novels about what people think. Some have preferences novels because one can feature thoughts (as well as dialogue) whereas in the visual medium it is very hard to be economical in terms of dialogue, etc

Misty Staats: 1. Hi! Is Patsy really dead?

^ RAY: No

2. Will my beloved KC come back in the next book? (possibly with a love iterest named Misty ;) )

^ RAY: Yes (and possibly!)

3. Thank you for creating The Tribe, it has gotten me through sooo much and makes me so happy.

^ RAY: Thank you for watching it, Misty, and keep your dream alive

Facebook User: Hello A.J., I'm very glad that you are doing this chat! And hello again Ray :).

1. I read the book and got the impression that someone is a Star Trek fan, many of the tribe names just remind me of Star Trek? Is this just my imagination or are one/both of you fellow Trekkies?

^ RAY: Many in the team are huge Star Trek fans including myself and AJ (I loved working with William Shatner). Nothing was intentionally put in the novel though so it would be a coincidence

2. A.J. are you going to help with the upcoming books that are a continuation of the show/book series?

^ RAY: I'll be discussing this with AJ (who is on a plane right now so can't answer)

That's really all my questions. I do really appreciate the time you are taking to do this for us! Power and Chaos!

^ RAY: It's a pleasure. The chat has finished and I'm trying to answer as many as I can before rushing out to dinner. Power and Chaos

Paul Young: 1) Is the Island the Malls Rats ended up on the same place we see in The New Tomorrow. I've always assumed that Zora was Brady and Bray Jnr was Sky, Do you hope to continue the Books up untill the New Tomorrow era?

^ RAY: That's a very interesting question, Paul. No, the island in the novel isn't the same island. It would be great to continue the series of stories right up until The New Tomorrow. There is so much material to reveal within the overall story arc

2) The book had elements of cannibalism in it. Was that somthing you wanted to have in the show but werent allowed? The Jackals always seemed had a cannibalistic edge to them.

^ RAY: Yes

3) The Characters of Ram and Kami seen to be influenced by the new gaming "world of warcraft/call of duty" online society thats forming. Do you think those sorts of games can create the negative charater traits we see in Ram?

^ RAY: Again an interesting observation. But I believe that all forms of media can certainly influence. Where Ram is concerned I am fascinated by themes of the use (and responsibility) of technology and how it is all developing. Loved HAL in 2001 A Space Odyssey for example

4) Amber took centre stage in this book, Will characters like Salene and Trudy feature more strongly in the sequals?

^ RAY: We had difficulty containing all that we needed to portray. It's always very difficult with an ensemble piece. But various characters will have more of a focus in any ensuing stories. I am trying though to do a canon and expanded universe so that one novel can go in-depth regarding fewer characters and situations

5) There seemed to be some hints that Salene and Daryl could end up together. Can I protest againts this now. Salene is your most developed and complexed character, don't waste her on Daryl.

^ RAY: Point noted. It's very difficult though to write for what an audience would wish for because I've had these characters in my head for so long and tried to remain truthful to their integrity. So where Darryl is concerned we never had time in the series to examine him. Likewise in the novel. But don't despair just because there are hints of anything romantic. His character (he's lonely in many ways) simply wished to have an attachment and with Salene being very sensitive and compassionate, would in my view really warm to his vulnerability. Without giving spoilers I think a great theme is broken love. Where one side falls helplessly in love and this isn't returned from the other side - with the other side simply warming to someone as a friend and the other side desperate. Great drama (have you seen the movie Fatal Attraction).

6) Trudy was my favourite character in the show, but I really disliked her portrayal in the book. They seemed to just focus on one side of her, and none of the strengths she found along the way. If the Guardian is too return I want to see the Strong Trudy face him, not the weak willed mess that was in the New World. Please don't wipe out 5 years of character growth.

^ RAY: Sorry you didn't enjoy Trudy's portrayal. I gave AJ a very strict brief and we discussed any and all aspects of all the characters. I love Trudy as well. We were never able to delve into her characterisation with any degree of depth in the series and again she needed to not exactly wait in the wings but almost in the novel with it being an ensemble piece and everything going on. She was however very important to punctuate the severe dangers they all found themselves in. We couldn't have all the characters being strong. In truth, being lost at sea would make even the strongest and heroic person absolutely desperate with food and water running out. So with all the exposition unfolding with Ram and Kami, etc, I chose Trudy to carry the theme of panic because that is consistent with how I perceive her character to be. It's not denying all of her developments in the past 5 seasons. But seeding vital areas which I want to explore in future stories and indeed wanted to do in the series (such as depression) and someone being up and down. I think Trudy is a very strong character. And will always be. But for someone to be strong and heroic they need to have some inner turmoil and adversity. Otherwise there's nothing to overcome and it can evolve into one dimensional.

Don't forget all were out of their comfort zones and I recall mentioning to someone that with this awful cruise ship tragedy, the behaviour of the captain is almost Shakespearean in its melodrama. Who would have ever thought a ship's captain to act that way. But obviously you have your opinion, which I respect, and perhaps if you see what we have in store later you will understand why the portrayal of Trudy was such a way. She's a great character though. I love her. And think she is really at her best on the edge (do you know the actress Bette Davis? I met her once... and there was this undercurrent of being so volatile which I have never forgotten). Antonia ate it all up in her portrayal and like most actors, loved getting their teeth into the frailties of their characters.

I know I would certainly lose it if I was in her position and in the end just tried to remain truthful to what I perceive should be the direction and to honour the creative integrity. Keep watching though for new material because it would be great to do a real focus on Trudy and a canon expanded universe context. She has so many dimensions

7) Would you consider doing proper photoshoots, with the cast to create future book covers.

^ Yes

George Jones: my questions are the following. 1) what is the connection between the new tommorow and the tribe ?

RAY: The New Tomorrow was planned as a sequel, George, but we had to change many elements to satisfy broadcasters

2) ray has the series 6 book changed a lot of your original ideas for where you wanted the series to go and were any of the new characters in the book actually planned for series 6 if it had been filmed ?

RAY: Good question. A lot of it is where I originally envisaged it to head including some new characters but AJ had great input and ideas as well

3)we would love to hear a tribe podcast some time if possible ray and if possible please could you release some more original scripts for tribe 6 anything after episode 2 would be great.

RAY: Good idea on podcast. I'll try and arrange this at some point.

4) AJ please could you give us some hints for the next book and thanks for writing it,

RAY: I am afraid AJ is now on an aircraft, George. I've use popped in after lunch to answer a few more questions but am now shortly heading out to dinner

5) ray did triibemaster appear in some form in the new world book ?

RAY: Yes!

6)regarding the original tribe series 6 script first two episodes how did KC end up in power as the last time we saw him he was in a cage and my final question

RAY: The Tribe series 6 scripts were works in progress development ones released especially for Tribe fans (like an early demo in a musical comparison)

7) why was lex missing for the first 2 scripts in season 6

RAY: See above Thanks, George[2]

The Tribe Forum pre-chat (Spoilers)Edit

Mad for Trudy wrote: I don't know if I'll be able to make it to the chat so I have a question!

I just finished reading the new world book (yay for Kindle) and thought it was absolutely brilliant! In my view it struck a home run and I can't wait for more! Thank you for starting off my 2012 in such a great way. I've been waiting for years to find out what happened and now I know - I need more! You have no idea how addicted I am to the tribe!

So this brings me to my question.... when is the next book (or books) coming out? Please tell me!!!!

Thanks for keeping my dream alive

Edited - oops I don't know if this is technically a 'spoiler' question but there we go

A J Penn

Hi, thanks for the feedback and thrilled you loved the book!

Ray has a plan so hopefully won't be too long before the next book/s come out

zootist wrote: Thanks for coming on here. I am a huge Tribe fan and think you did an awesome job, AJ. I loved A New World. I've read it three times now. lol. I will try and make it (what time will it be held?) but wanted to know if the Collective was planned out and would have featured in the actual series? Likewise the other charachters and Tribes. Loved Emma btw. PLEASE answer. When will the next book be out? And what news on the movie, Ray? Will any of the book feature? Thanks for makng my childhhood so special and for keeping my dream alive with this new book.

Raymond Thompson: Hello Zootist. Yes The Collective would have eventually featured. The movie is in development. As for future books, I'll be announcing some details very soon.

Thanks for your support

Catz95 wrote: I'm wondering how it felt to write such a piece of work. A.J. Did a brilliant job, but does he know really how much of a impact he was having? This is thousands of childhoods here, hanging onto his every word. What a responsibility!

Hmm.. will we be seeing more of the Zootists? I hope so!

Raymond Thompson: I know that AJ was certainly daunted at first but I gave all the encouragement needed as I believed he would deliver all that was needed. We're always very aware of the need to take The Tribe to new levels if we can and have always tried to do that

Vintage wrote: Question for Ray is what he actually thought off the book and how far is it off from what season 6 would have been? (I know Bray wouldn't have returned because of the actor etc)

Also how does it feel to have created a show that still has devoted followers still to this day?

Raymond Thompson I was thrilled with the book and thought AJ did a really fantastic job. A percentage of it might have featured in season 6 but due to budget constraints we wouldn't have been able to do a lot. This is the good thing about novels, where we are limited only by the imagination. Dwayne has always been a huge supporter of The Tribe and has always indicated that he would be pleased to return at any time, anywhere

It was very humbling to have such a loyal and devoted fan base so thank you everyone for that. Ultimately you do decide the fate of The Tribe or indeed any other movie or television series or novel.

Michelle-x wrote: Thankyou for taking the time to speak the fans

My question regards Patsy and her whereabouts, is it confirmed that she died or got transported like a few others?

And also will Tai-San be making an appearance in the next book? She made a brief appearance at the end of season 4 and disappeared again. Just curious to know if she will return again and how she came about to be a techno.

Raymond Thompson: In my mind Patsy never died but was taken as a slave. Tai San is a great character and I have some ideas in mind for a future storyline with her. Thanks for your support

Amber wrote: Hello! First of all, a BIG THANK YOU. Both "Keeping The Dream Alive" and "A New World" have been such great reads. Over and over again.

But of course, as any addict, I'd love to have more. And as excited as I am about the possibility of the next book, which will continute the saga of Mall Rats (yay!) I simply have to ask this, Ray:

Have there been discussions with Harry Duffin about the publishing of his book „Blood of the Judas“ under Cumulus Publishing company? I have been excited about getting to read the darker version of how the virus really happened…… since 2009….. and I am getting slightly impatient. So I really hope there is a way for this book to see the light of day way or another.

Raymond Thompson: Hello Amber. Very pleased you enjoyed the book. And details will be announced soon regarding future books.

I am in discussion with Harry as well about some canon and expanded universe editions whereby we can really explore in depth relationships and characters as well as various situations including the virus. It's very difficult otherwise with an ensemble piece. As far as BotJ is concerned, this novel was adapted from a works in progress screenplay and I have had some problems creatively with how it tied up all the loose ends. I've discussed with Harry and David. Both are fabulous writers and one day, we might be able to get it released. But I just have to ensure an overall continuity in any and all areas especially with the movie being in development and other novels coming on stream. So it's not impossible for the book to be published but due to all manner of complications, it's not a priority right now. Please rest assured you'll definitely get a darker version of The Tribe as well at some point. We were able to up many elements in the novel which is great so step by step - we will get there, Keep the dream alive and thanks for your support

Princess Cupcake wrote: Hello AJ & Ray!

Any chance we'll get to hear more about the true fate of Tai-San at some point?

Kia ora!

Raymond Thompson: Yes definitely. I promise. I love her character. Kia ora

GuardianoftheCause wrote: Ray or AJ- Any things we can expect with the upcoming novels. I'm really intrigued- being a big fan of the Guardian- on why he's free suddenly, the Zootists in general and Eloise?

Raymond Thompson: I don't know if you've read Keeping The Dream Alive but although Zoot was killed off very early in season 1, his character was intended to precipitate a whole lot of material including The Guardian and eventually the Zootists and Eloise. As well as a few other elements. We couldn't get to it in the series but novels are so great because they allow us much more freedom to creatively explore and build and develop any and all aspects within the ongoing Tribe saga

PasoMaddie wrote: Hi Ray and AJ, thank you so much for taking out time to talk to us! I am a huge fan of The Tribe and am currently reading the books although have only recently started both of them. So I only have a couple of questions for Ray. When The Tribe was being filmed as a series, was there any actors that you were more fond of than others? Was there a character you could relate yourself too? Thanks again!

Raymond Thompson: Thank you. On a personal level I have always been able to relate to Zoot and Bray because they represent a kind of ying and yang for me. But I also love and have an affinity with all the characters. From Tai San due to her spirituality to even Trudy with her manic intemperance. I think all writers draw on either their imagination or definitely observations and have an affinity with any character they create.

As far as the cast are concerned, I have the utmost admiration for all of them. Not just for their talent. But they are very special people as well. Unique individuals and it is lovely to see them flourishing in their chosen fields. I am proud of them all. So I have no favourite.

JacksAnnie wrote: Hello! I have a few questions...

First of... a lot of people were excited about the return of Bray, and Amber and Bray's reunion. I've never been a huge fan of Bray or the pairing, but even I was touched by it all, especially him getting to see his son for the first time. However, to me the big one was always Ryan and Salene. So I'm wondering if there is any chance of Ryan returning in the next book (or the one after )? I just want to know what happened to him.

Raymond Thompson: Yes, Amber and Bray's storyline is very special as indeed most are with a theme of kindred spirits and starcrossed lovers being drawn together. I also love Ryan. A very interesting character. And yes, it's definitely on the cards to provide material in the future. It's very difficult with an ensemble but step by step we will get there

JacksAnnie wrote: I was also wondering, given the prospect of more books in the future, are you planning to have books focusing on different characters/different places? There are a lot of characters involved in the story now, and different places the story could take place. Are you planning to split it up in the future and have one character/one group of characters be the focus in one book and then another in the next, or will every book try to keep everyone involved like A New World did?

Thank you for your time. I wanted to add that this show has seen me through some bad times in my life, and I will forever be grateful to have been able to grow up with these characters. I really enjoyed the book, and read it in about two days (would have been faster if it didn't arrive on my sister's birthday and I had to be social at her party rather than read in the corner). I am so happy that this is all happening, and I hope we can continue to get more of the story for a while yet.

Raymond Thompson: I am pleased you enjoyed the new book, JacksAnnie. And that The Tribe has helped you through your difficult times. We tried to interweave themes and many people seem to have emotionally connected and it is very inspiring for me to know that it has touched you in such a profound way.

As far as the novels, I think the focus will always be as an ensemble with perhaps a larger emphasis on a couple of characters here and there. A New World had at the top of the pyramid Bray and Amber. But other novels could feature other characters. It's very difficult confining it and also important to introduce new situations and characters to fuel storyline material. Very necessary though to keep it fresh and to drive the narrative into the total storyline arc I have in mind.

I am personally keen on doing a type of canon and expanded universe. Especially pre-virus. And to examine individual character storylines. Such as The Guardian, etc. Then we can really get into the meat because we would have time to do so.

auto_meiser wrote: I loved the book, and must admit I loved the return of Ebony to her old form! She right on character and it was lovely to see her being so mean to the other Mallrats! I'm a little sad that she split up with Slade, but was on the edge of my seat with his injury. He always struck me with the potential to be a great leader like Bray. If Bray and Slade were to battle it out for tribe leader roll who do you think would win and why?

Raymond Thompson: Thank you for your lovely comments and I am pleased you enjoyed the book.

Slade is a great character and has much potential. I hope we can focus on him at some point in the future. I'd have to give some thought to whoever might win any leadership battle so I can't answer that right now, I am afraid. Sorry.

enemies wrote: i love the show and watch it when i was a little kid, and got the idea that i should watch it again since i missed some parts,(watch is every night in bed this winter)and watching its as a grownup is a different thing i still loved it! but as an adult you are more aware of that this could happen and im thinking more about season 1 when is about survival and gangs, that is what i believe the world would turn out if people suddenly die, and its scary. The later seasons are more "unreal" but needed to make the show exiting but the most real for me is season 1 and í love all the seasons and book and is so happy that is on again so thanks for creating a great show and great book and everything else that is in stored for the future, i cant describe how much they show have touched me, im only 20 but it will stick with me forever,... i guess all i can say is thanks

// Paula G (sweden)

Raymond Thompson: I am glad The Tribe has touched you and these comments have really touched me as well. Thanks so much

JacksAnnie wrote: Why was there such a lack of gay/lesbian/bisexual characters on the show? It was only barely featured with May and Salene in series 5, but it was over very quickly and seemed forgotten in the book. Was it the broadcaster that didn't want it? And do you think you will explore the issue of sexuality in future books? It is pretty much the one big issue teenagers go through that was never truly explored on the show.

What aspect or character changed the most from the original ideas to what actually happened on the show?

Raymond Thompson: We always had to live within broadcaster constraints. I agree that themes of sexuality are important to explore and we can do this easier in novel form as we have more time. Having said that it was very difficult to contain the story we had in mind for A New World so we couldn't really get into all the areas we wanted to. Maybe in the future.

Phoenix<3 wrote: Hey A J Penn and Ray Thompson, My Question is during the 5 seasons of the tribe many greatly loved characters vanished with out any meaning of their where abouts. I was wondering if there are any special characters, that might be returning to our beloved mall rats in the next books?

Raymond Thompson: Yes, they will definitely return, as did Bray, or their fates will be revealed...[3]

Facebook wall chatEdit

We have Ray and A J with us. Welcome to them. Please put your questions in this thread. Be aware warning of SPOILERS. For non-spoiler questions please go to the Tribe Facebook Forum and we'll have Ray and A J answer after we finish in this thread. So hello A J and Ray

Ray: Hi everyone, hope you are all well

AJ: Hi

Amanda Jack:

1. A.J… hi you have the same initials as me, Amanda Jack, that’s so cool. I wanted to ask you, are you Tribemaster and are you a fan of the show? Also how long did it take you to write the book? I really enjoyed Trudy’s portrayal in the book; do you plan to explore her depression further? Can we please have a back story for Emma, I loved Emma character.

^ A J: Hi Amanda, thank you so much! No I am not Tribemaster but I am a huge fan of the show. Pleased you enjoyed the book.

It took about 12 weeks to write. But another three months of discussions with Ray previous to starting.

Yes more planned for Trudy and Emma in the next novel. I just have to wait to see if it is definitely going to happen, which is really dependent upon the fans I guess.

Victoria Gomez: Do you have a favorite Tribe VIllian?

^ Ray: I love all the Tribe villains

A J: Same.

Note: Ray and AJ are discussing now and agree that villains are really fun to write

Sabine Kivits: Hello from the Netherlands! AJ: I was wondering, what inspired you to write the character of Trudy the way you did?

^ A J: Hello! I have always loved the dimensions of Trudy. Ray wanted to seed some things he has in mind for a future story which had actually always been there from the beginning of The Tribe. So if we ever do an in-depth back story Ray wanted some essential plot points seeded in A New World. Also to counterbalance the leadership qualities of Amber and to punctuate the dangers. So Trudy's fragility manifested as is so often the case when faced with a life threatening situation and certainly all the Revelations which unfold with Kami and Ram

Paul Browne: How did u come up with the tribe

^ Ray: I have gone into detail in the memoir of Keeping The Dream Alive but basically it's a story I've wanted to tell ever since I was a child because I think it explores a great theme of young people building a new and better world. So it's been around a long time!

Elisha Cameron: Ray - Thank you so much for the insight into The Tribe and how it was created. It was a fantastic book and I loved every minute of it.

A.J - Just wanted to say, that I really enjoyed A New World. I don't want to sound like a party pooper... but any chance that if more books are written the editing might be done a little better? (typos and the such?)

^ Ray: Hi Elisha. Everyone tries and spelling is also so different such as American English, Australian English, Kiwi English etc. As far as typos are concerned no matter how many people proofread there always seems to be some that slip through the net. But we'll continue to do our best. Really pleased you enjoy the book and thanks for your support

Huon Dean Showers: Hey A.J, loved the book. Just wondering how much input Ray and Cloud 9 had into its plot. What specifics did they tell you to put in there?

^ AJ: Hi Huon, that's great you enjoyed the book. Ray has ultimate approval on all story lines and aspects to do with The Tribe. I had a pretty tight brief :)

Hillary Block: How did you get the job?

A: (Ray) I've known AJ for a long time, and could think of nobody better to do the first official novel and really enjoyed collaborating with him.

George Jones: my first question was any idea when the next book is due out ?

^ Ray: Hi George. I'll be giving some thought to that some time this month. So far the first novel has been really well received, which is good. So if there is demand we'll certainly be pleased to do more. Also I'll be discussing with Harry some canon and expanded universe elements which have great potential for novelisations. But there's a lot going on now with The Tribe and its a question of trying to find the time to do everything

Tone Lise Follestad Iversen: Hi Ray and A.J. Penn :) Thanks for getting up so early for the chat. I would like to know if Patsy is coming back in one of the future books. As you said in a chat right after season 3 was aired that there was chanced that Patsy would return in a later point in the series. So I was wondering on if we could get her back? :) Hugs From Norway.

^ Ray: Hello Tone Lise. Yes, all the characters will feature and it will be revealed what happened to all. We just ddn't want to rush it in the first novel which already go to well over 100,000 words so we had to hold some elements back.

Nea Falkeling: Do you guys like to read? And of so, do you have a favourite book? A: (Ray) Being There, Christmas Carol, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (AJ) Le Miserables

Emma Steifa Leonardsson: I just wanna ask, how it come that Patsy didn't come back in season 4 and why Cloe dissapared so suddenly in season 4? They were my favourite characters

A: (Ray) When we were in production it took a very long time and we were faced with many unexpected situations which required some characters to leave before originally planned. This happens due to illness, to education, that type of thing.

Q: What's happening with cloud 9 is it still alive or dead company , I'm asking this because last movie or series are released long time ago?

A: (Ray) Cloud 9 hasn't been in production for a while due to my attempts at developing some movies I want to make. After 15 years of production I really needed a break to recharge and get back to what I love, and that is writing.

TribeHeaven Shabbs: Hello there! Just a quick question for A J Penn... Are you male or female? I believe your name is an alias/pen name. What made you decide to remain anonymous?

^ AJ: Hi Shabbs! I am a male

Ray: A J is very experienced in the industry and we thought it better for him to write under a pseudonym. There are no 'stars' per se in The Tribe. All the cast are terrific and we've always tried to keep the focus on The Tribe as an ensemble rather than focus on anyone individual

Q: AJ and Ray will you come to Croatia?

A: (AJ) I've been there and I love it! (Ray) I haven't been but I'd love to one day.

Greykell Dutton: Thanks for coming in to chat with us.

I know that you were surprised by how popular The Tribe was with those of us who were much older than the teenaged demographic you were going for. And of course a lot of your original fans have been aging out of their teen years.

Did you find yourself changing any of the plans for the storylines because of the older demographic?

^ Ray: THats a very good question. The style changed but not the story in many ways because there is a framework in place for the entire saga (though A J gave some great ideas and where to take it within that framework). But without the constraints of broadcasters or distributors and certainly budget we were able to open the story up a bit and explore areas we could never really do in the TV series

Freya Noyce: thanks for being here! I was wondering who your favourite characters are??

^ Ray: I love them all equally

AJ: I think Ray and the team originally created a wonderful series of characters, that the cast helped to bring to life in such a profound way. They're all favourites!

Benjamin Reyna: Hi Ray. I'm wondering if the story is what you would have liked for series 6 or did the book go in a different direction?

^ Ray: Hi Benjamin. I always have many versions of stories throughout a development phase. It's like doing a demo I guess in music. Some things are thrown out in development. Other things marked to work on. But fundamentally it would have been much the same. Except we were able to open it up a lot without having the constraints of a budget and A J had a great input with some exciting new ideas as well

Natalie Fay Hammell: Hey aj just working cooking in a kitchen in England as I'm a chef I just wanna say love the book almost finished it I look forward to going home having a glass of wine and reading it my question is . Is there going to be any more series or a film and if so when can we expect it to happen

^ Ray: Hi Natalie. The movie is in development. I've had some approaches about potentially a new series. But it's a very complex and long process

Q: To AJ, do you have a favorite singer/Band?

A: (AJ) Queen and Beethoven (Ray) The Beatles

Paula Greij Ray: do you have any regrets about the show? And same to AJ any regrets about the new world?

^ Ray: As far as the show is concerned I have no regrets. I'm enormously proud of it and all the efforts of the cast and crew who worked so hard over the years. It's a profound and very special element of my life to know the show touched so many people. Regarding the novel I have no regrets at all and am proud of A J who I think did a fantastic job

Q: Why is 'trolling' mentioned in the book when The Tribe characters didn't know what trolling was? ie the term hadn't been invented or ever discovered in The Tribe universe? lol

A: (AJ) We thought the term would be known through RAM's knowledge of the internet.

Courtney Welsh: Hey Guys, what i wanted to ask was, with the new year and all the new promotion your doing for The Tribe, you almost re-inventing the whole show. When you first created the series did you expect such a wide audience range and it to still be so popular now as it was back then?

^ Ray: Hi Courtney. The Tribe fans never cease to amaze me with their loyalty to the series. Which is very touching. And I never thought that a new generation of fans would also discover the series such as is occurring in Australia through ABC. I had always hoped and felt the series would connect but it seems to have emotionally connected in a very profound way. But ultimately it really is the fans who can keep the dream alive with their support

Q: she wanted to ask if you guys had any advice for an insiring writer?

A: (Ray) Stick at it! Keep writing, no matter what anyone thinks of your work. Believe in yourself and the stories you want to tell. I personally have a love of all people who create. In my view there are no bad movies or stories or paintings or books.

Oscar Paul Michalak: To AJ and Ray, what makes you laugh?

^ AJ: Billy Connolly and life's unexpected twists

Ray: Weirdly it is mostly associated to what makes me cry, if that makes sense. Observing my own hang ups and obsessions . As far as humour is concerned, I really love series like Fawlty Towers and comedians like Lenny Bruce. Like A J said, the observational humour can be so funny for al that it can also be tragic. So I like situations rather than funny lines

Ann Doubleu: AJ how long have you been writing? Did you always want to be a writer?

^ AJ: Nearly 20 years for novels (not scripts or screenplays) and yes, I always wanted to write. Dare to dream but risk to chase those dreams :)

Eagle MountainDreams: Is there a chance that some of the scenes we got to read in the book are described more in detail in the next book, like why Bray is so accepting of Jay and the other way around?

^ Ray: There is always a danger in storytelling to overwrite. So we wanted to seed in the epilogue a sort of quasi ending and resolution but that will open up in the next novel so that we can explore their thoughts and feelings in depth. The real ending (if this was a movie) would have been Amber and Bray ending up in each other's arms. But in an ongoing saga, we can't do it all in one story and needed to revive matters as far as what happens next as well as seeding some new characters such as Emma. Also the yet to be introduced Kami. So it's very difficult

Q: Any hints as to what Ram's fate will be in the second book?

A: (AJ) We have some exciting ideas and a basic route forward, stay tuned!

Shannon Little: Hi Ray and A.J.=) Just wanted to say thank you!! I can't wait to read the book..will you ever do a promotion/book/Tribe tour in America? particularly in Maryland lol

^ Ray: Yes that is possible.

AJ: Hope to see you in Maryland one day!

Q: I was wondering if the adults were killed by the virus, then who was there to control all the nuclear power stations around the world, wouldn't they fail, meltdown and cause massive fallout like that of 100 Chernobyls?

A: (Ray) Good question! I think the adults would have shut down important areas such as power plants when they found out nothing could be done about the virus.

Q: AJ please tell me some more about Eloise background and what is her link with the chosen ?

A: (AJ) I don't want to get into too much because it may spoil things. ;) She didn't have a big part but she and the Zootists may feature in the future.

Paul Browne: Why did u only do five tv shows

^ Ray: This was spread over a six year period and at the end everyone was exhausted. There are really a variety of reasons which I've tried to explain in the tribe memoir. Sorry I can't go into any great detail here due to the time constraints. But the story hasn't ended yet...

Q: is there any chance that Cloe and Ved will be back?

A: (Ray) There is always a chance on that, they were great characters (and the actors were wonderful).

Victoria Gomez: when you say bring characters back, does that include say Moz, Patch, and Dee who kinda of walked off and how about Paul?

^ Ray: Yes (sorry for being brief, trying to answer as many as we can!)

Nea Falkeling: To AJ: Have you met any of the actors in the show?

^ AJ: Yes, all of them, great people

Toni Vukoja: AJ & Ray how do you choose the title of the book NEW WORLD?

^ AJ: It was Ray's idea. It is in keeping with the theme of The Tribe building a new world - and with The Tribe itself heading into a new world, if that makes sense, in the book

Nina Viiala: Hi from Finland! Don't know if my post came trough so I try again... Nice to have you both here and I wish all the best to both of you! I haven't read the book yet and was wondering if it may be in finnish some day? I think I can't wait and I have to try to get a copy of the original one (in english). But it would be cool to have it in finnish! :)

^ Ray: Hi Nina, greetings to all our friends and fans in Finland. We hope it will be translated in several languages

George Jones: ray please could you tell us more about the origin of tribemaster and was the it in the new world book at all ?

^ Ray: Major exclusive here.... yes to question 2 (origins of TM will be revealed one day!)

Eagle MountainDreams: Is there a chance that the both books come out in different languages, like German ?

^ Ray: Yes. Eventually. It is still early days with the books filtering onto the market

Q: Do you guys have a favourite scene or storyline in the series?

A: (Ray) That's a hard one! I love them all, just as one might love all of their children. I particularly enjoyed the pre Tribe flashback elements.

Mira Mette Thomsen: Hi there Ray :D Thanks for our chat and the words of encouragement last spring (27 feb 2011) When I was blessed to talk with you and Danny James ;) I have wondered one thing for many years now.. Had you really.. I mean REALLY TRUELY wanted to make season 6 as it was described in the two first 'scripts' of the season in the season 5 DVD extras? I was devastated reading it to be honest.. :( It seemed so out of key with what we saw last in one of the last episodes in season five, no one mentioned Lex or what he had been told about how Bray and Tai-san and the others being alive somewhere.. :) I saw THE NEW TOMORROW, and read the scripts for The Tribe season 6.. It seemed mostly like a way to make us watch the spin off and it saddened me. Because I don't believe that Amber and Ram would be so, I am sorry for dishing.. But stupid, to be caught by kids.. And those machines.. It seemed okay in TNT, but not when you think of The Tribe :) It has just been bugging me for years now.. And in TNT it seemed as at least a generation or two later since they mention Zoot and Bray as their gods :D I really hope you will answer me on some of this, it would really make me happy ♥ :D Thank you Ray, for creating this fantastic world! :D

^ Ray: They were development scripts. And we thought the fans would love to have that heritage available. Important never to judge first draft scripts with shooting scripts. Because they evolve. It's the nature of the process. I am very proud of the scripts personally in the context of them being works in progress and have in fact had some great feedback from so many who really appreciated us releasing them (I have some very early works in progress screenplays of some iconic films and they are real treasures - though the films ultimately bore little resemblance to the initial drafts)

Q: do you think there is a chance that the Tribe Movie will come to the audience in 2013?

A: (Ray) No, the earliest would be 2014 if all goes well.

Q: Would you of changed anything in the tv show if you had the time again

A: (Ray) Nothing! I'm very proud of the wonderful work that the cast and crew put together.

Amanda Jack: Emmas character was awesome! Thanks for putting her is the book.

^ AJ: Pleased you enjoyed!

Ray: It's amazing, we've been flooded with letters, emails and messages. I always loved Emma but even so we were all very overwhelmed how very popular she has become

Q: The script-outtakes in 'Keeping the dream alive' where they outtakes of season 6 or from the movie?

A: (Ray) They were rough sketches of season 6 and the movie put together.

Hayley Walker: aj- why did series 5 finish with them all on that boat?

^ Ray: Broadcasters have a brief to keep story lines open so we did that for a potential 6th season while at the same time having an acceptable so called ending (for the broadcasters anyway) but I have a framework of story lines mapped out well into the distant future

Katharine Davies: Which characters are you most similar to?

^ Ray: Great question. I guess a mixture of Zoot with my rebellious nature but also Bray with a hope for a better and future world. I just love the notion of two brothers being so similar and yet so different. But Bray is also rebellious in a way as much as Zoot is determined to bring his own vision to fruition. They continue to fascinate me (and keep me awake at night) :)

Q: what happen to paul?

A: (Ray) He went to the mines as a slave.

Q: what is your favourite cheese? :D

A: I was waiting for this one! hehe - TTO (Ray) Blue (AJ) Edam

Arlett Mammel: Is there any special age limit for who is infected by the virus and who is not or how does the virus "decide" who's an adult?

^ Ray: We'll reveal this later in future stories, there is an explanation

Q: AJ & Ray: Why did the Guardian wear a blue robe in The New World, and not his regular white outfit?

A: (Ray) Good question! I think in our minds, we were thinking of production design, and the white of the medical lab wanted something to contrast with.

Q: Will the book series link somehow to the spinoff tv show of 'The New Tomorrow'?

A: (Ray) Yes, the story lines will eventually, but that might be like season 100 or more because the timeline for TNT was several generations later. I can't give anything away but we have in mind a very special surprising twist where by the future is also like the past.

That's it for the Q&A, thanks guys! - TTO

Ray and AJ have to move on in a minute to for the chat there. They have promised to answer all the questions in the threads on here now (as well as the pre-chat questions) so we're grateful for that.

We've just done a draw for the phone call. If you're still online CAROLINE AHLBERG can you email with your number? Ray and AJ will continue answering until we hear from Caroline

Oscar Paul Michalak: To Ray. Was it hard to film the last episode of season 5 emotionally? (I almost cried watching it :$)

^ Ray: Yes it was. Very hard. For all concerned.

AJ: Strangely the book brought a tear to the eye as well[4]

The Tribe Forum chatEdit

A J Penn Hi everyone

Patsy wrote: hi

What chapters did you enjoy the most when you wrote the book? And What scenes did you prefere to write/ shoot in the series Ray?

A J Penn: Hi there

I enjoyed the whole thing but it was especially nice to revisit Bray and try to get 'in his head'

Velasca wrote: Hi Guys!

Ray, will you please oh please someday reveal the true TIMELINE of the 5 series? complete with the ages of the characters per season.. and how long Amber's pregnancy lasted.. it would clear up so many discussions.. some of those have gone on for almost 10 years now!

Raymond Thompson: Hello. Yes, I will certainly do this, and will get the team to post it when it's ready. May take some time though!

EagleMountainDreams wrote: Hello Ray and AJ. Thank you for getting up early.

And after reading KTDA I would like to know: What colour are your socks today?

Raymond Thompson: haha, you must have read my book. Today I am in Australia, where it is boiling hot so I'm barefooted! But I have lots of socks always on standby.

Jade92 wrote: I don't have a question (yet!) Just wanted to say hi, thank you for getting up early and doing these chats, and I really enjoyed reading A New World! Looking forward to a sequal

A J Penn: Thank you for staying up late (or early wherever you are) and for being part of it too!

Really pleased you enjoyed the book, it is humbling and thank you for the feedback

Velasca wrote: great to hear about the timeline!

AJ: Ray isn't wearing socks right now, but I was wondering, do you have a lucky piece of clothing you wear when you are writing?

A J Penn: Yes, I think all writers have many quirks and superstitions. I have a lucky comb I like to carry around instead of a piece of clothing

Zilliana1 wrote: Hi guy's Thanks for doing this chat

I'de just like to know if the virus is in any way based on the Influenza Pandemic of 1918, which mostly killed people over the age of 20

Also, what would would you do if you were a kid caught in a Tribe situation

A J Penn: I know Ray (and Harry and the team) did a lot of research into real life viruses/epidemics - and that in the research I did too, yes, there are some historical influences from actual pandemics in the past, one of them being the terrible 1918 influenza. Also the Black Death. Amazing how something so small and invisible to the eye can reek such devastation. Hopefully the world will not see the like again and it is something that will only take place in stories

Sitting with Ray right now, he reminds me that we have yet to pay off the exact situation regarding the 'virus' and the adults. Can't give away too many spoilers but I can tell you he's got some mindblowing ideas. We alluded to some of those in the novel. But one day all will certainly be revealed and I think you will all love it. It is so unexpected...

stillwaters wrote: With a large cast of characters obviously not everyone can play a huge part/have a major storyline at any one time. Which of the characters who maybe had more of a background role in the book would you like to bring to the foreground in the next one? I quite missed Salde. I felt he probably would have challenged Amber in a way that the other characters seem afraid to do.

Also, are there any friendships/pairs of characters you think would work well together and would like to explore in the future?

Raymond Thompson: Hello still. You are quite right, it is always difficult. Kami will certainly feature in future stories, as will Emma. Along with some of the existing Tribe characters.

I will be discussing with AJ and Harry but think that Bray and Emma are very interesting. I also always loved Dal, he is very interesting and we've never had a chance to explore him. As far as friendships are concerned though, all the members of the Tribe are in a way "friends" and it's fun to develop their relationships and interplay.

Patsy wrote: hi

What chapters did you enjoy the most when you wrote the book? And What scenes did you prefere to write/ shoot in the series Ray?

Raymond Thompson: Zoot is always so great to explore! But there is no real preference as such.

LuxyLuz wrote: Just wanted to say that I loved A new world!

A J Penn: Thank you so much, I (and C9) have been blown away by all the great feedback, it is very humbling and special

Patsy wrote: In future books, is there a chance that we get to know what happen to charries after they was sent away? Such as Patsy, Ryan and Danni?

Raymond Thompson: Yes!

glasshouses wrote: Just want to say; Ray you look mighty in your profile picture/avatar

Raymond Thompson: That's sweet of you to say, thanks.

Velasca wrote: A lucky comb.. now that's another nice hint in our 'who's aj hunt..' means your not bald

Ray: Do you have any clue if there is any tribe jewelry left? I was lucky enough to buy 2 pieces, but many people weren't that lucky. Maybe it can be returned to the shops one day? (if you need new people to help make some, let me know )

Raymond Thompson: Good idea! I'll look into it. We do still have lots of props though in archives.

EagleMountainDreams wrote: When you start to film the The Tribe Movie are you going to try to recruit the original cast to do it?

Raymond Thompson: I'm a huge fan of all the cast, and would love to work with them again. They are all very talented, and they're lovely people as well. I would never feel right recasting any character, but sadly Hollywood seems to operate in a different way on this.

Ruby wrote: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk to you! And also a big THANK YOU for keeping the dream alive! I used to love The Tribe when I first watched it years ago and I still do!!

Will all the missing/disappeared characters appear at some point in future books? Are there any plans of letting characters die? (Like for real, not just going missing or being assumed dead but reappearing later at some point)

A J Penn: Always possibilities but that would be up to Ray as he has ultimate editorial control. Good point though.

We tried to touch upon death in what happened to Zak. It's an aspect of life (death of course) and certainly a theme to explore as it's something no human being has ever not encountered

ToriBorn wrote: Hi Ray and A.J, big fan of the Tribe, been that for years now, thanks for continuing on with it.

At the end of season 5 at the boat, Ram said to Lex “Leaving some secrets behind”, what was he referring to and will we find out in the books?

Raymond Thompson: You will find out for sure in the books! We have already taken some steps on this in A New World.

Patsy wrote: Do any of you have a favorite place to sitt when your writing?

A J Penn: I like to shut myself away, kind of close the blinds and lock yourself away in the world you are inhabiting, try and lose yourself in it. So fave place to sit = a quiet, private room

EagleMountainDreams wrote: AJ: What is your guilty pleasure?

A J Penn: Chocolate

ToriBorn wrote: Hi Ray and A.J, big fan of the Tribe, been that for years now, thanks for continuing on with it.

At the end of season 5 at the boat, Ram said to Lex “Leaving some secrets behind”, what was he referring to and will we find out in the books?

A J Penn: It's up to Ray who has complete story control - but I would think yes, we will see. There's a lot of secrets to be revealed...

Thanks for supporting the Tribe!

Amber wrote: Hello! So great to have you with us!

AJ -1) in what country did you grow up and went to school in?

2) And..... did you have a pages limit on the book? Because until the epilogue the story seemed to flow nicely, and I did enjoy most of the book and characterization of them all was spot on,(except for one Mall Rat) but it seemed there was a lot squished into an epilogue and some of the best dialogue moments - such as the Bray-Jay private chat and Bray being reunited with TRUDY for instance, it seemed like we were robbed of these well as Bray's actual thoughts on seeing his son again.......

I know I was waiting for the Bray and the rest of Mall Rats to be reuntited and finally got my wish (and I love you forever for the epic oil rig roof scene )....but do you think the epilogue will be written out somehow in the next book as flashbacks? Because right now it seemed so strange......(I know every book has to end somewhere, but still..... maybe I should pretend schapter 45 was the last thing I read )

Ray - hi! I believe you said in the chat that you were occupied with writing again. Which is great.

SO glad to hear we will get a timeline.

Can you give us any news on the TRIBE MOVIE? Are you also writing the tribe movie script right now? Or is someone else? Have the scripts for tribe movie been written entirely by now? Any developments regarding the negotiations about bringing it to big screen?

Don’t think you’re casting yet?

Regarding the virus...... oh, it has to do with the telomeres on the ends of our DNA.,.... definitely. Something like that.

Raymond Thompson: Hello Amber. I am currently doing another draft. It was a long process. I was working with an A-list director who was interested in doing the movie, but his schedule is now very full into the future. I'm currently discussing with other directors. Also, I am writing a heart project called "The Cowboy and the Dancer", which is a love story and I hope one day it will also be a movie. So we are making good process, but it's a long process.

Never Ending Storm wrote: Do you belive that it is necessary to have a younger cast to be able to relate to the younger viewers?

Raymond Thompson: No, that is a good question though.

Patsy. wrote: Hey thanks for taking the time to be here and talking to us all. This is for both of you when writing with certain characters do you find you sometimes you find it difficult to try and change the portrayel of a character making it not quite plausible and when you try to back track it to make it plausible it seems to spiral into the unbelievable? Just thought I'd ask as I've hit this a few times in my fan fiction and sometimes find it difficult to re route them maybe something to do with an over active imagination lol

Raymond Thompson: Hello Patsy. Maybe this tip will help? Before writing your actual story, try and do a sort of scene by scene breakdown, like a framework. That should help you fall into any difficulties. Writing (or any other creative endeavor) is very difficult. Usually 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. Everyone finds it so hard. They key is to follow your heart in telling a story that you believe in. Don't try and please anyone or listen to any critics. Just put your heart on the page and everything else will follow. The truth is, even in real life, people's lives can become a mess. Just like the captain on the recent italian cruise ship disaster. It is so tragic. So always follow your instincts, and don't second guess. Good luck with it, and after this I am going to read some of your fan fiction. Keep your dream alive...

hawksgirl1983 wrote: Does that mean you don't really have a saying in this matter and if Hollywood decides to recast every single character then that's what's it gonna be?

Raymond Thompson: Thankfully, we own the rights and I would never allow anything to compromise the creative integrity. Even if that means not playing the Hollywood game. But it is not easy.

strawberryvirt wrote: Hi, Ray and AJ! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Ahhh… Not exactly related to the book or even the episodes but, I’m really intrigued to know what your opinion of Tribe roleplayers, such as the Facebook roleplay community is. Thanks again! -^_^-

A J Penn: Thank you for asking the questions

I love Tribe roleplayers (and roleplaying in general) too). It's great to see people letting their imaginations go and how a story can evolve. Great stuff

Velasca wrote: OOH! Props left! sounds wonderful

I'm currently rewatching the Chosen story line, and I was wondering..

- What inspired Tai-San Supreme Mother hair-do, because even for her, if feels silly

- Why was the choice made for the bomb-number to be 666?

- the lovely symbol of the Chosen, what does it mean, what was it inspired on?

Raymond Thompson: I disagree on the hair, I thought it was wonderful. I thought the make up and design team were very imaginative.

The bomb runner? We always tried to imply elements to convey the darker areas of the human condition.

I'll have to give some thought on the symbol. I've always liked circles within circles.

Never Ending Storm wrote: What was your inspiration for a virus to wipe out all the adults and not a device or some other means?

A J Penn: Ray has some mindblowing ideas about all this and hopefully one day in a future story this can be revealed. There's a lot of secrets and an amazing back story to be told

Phoenix<3 wrote: Which character relates most to you and why?

Raymond Thompson: I think probably Zoot and Bray, though all the characters form various aspects, such as Amber's vision of a better world, the spirituality of Tai-San, etc.

Patsy wrote: What was your first thoughts when you got to know that you got the chance to write the book A.J.Penn?

A J Penn: I was thrilled. I've always been a huge believer (and fan) of The Tribe since its inception so to continue the story with what Ray had in mind was fantastic

I think the fan base and loyalty is amazing!

ABADEO wrote: Just wanted to thank you guys for such an AMAZING story! <3


A J Penn: Thank you, the feedback has been humbling and much appreciated

Thank you for being amazing!

Scottie wrote: Hey Ray and AJ! I just wanted to thank you both so much for taking the time to chat and answer questions from fans and also to say A New World has got to be the best book that I've ever read! It was so thrilling to read over Christmas, I absolutely loved it Thanks for an amazing and breathtaking story!


Raymond Thompson: Thanks Scottie, we're glad that you enjoyed it.

AmberBray wrote: Hello Ray and A.J.

At first: Thank you so much for joining this chat and answering our questions.

Are there any news about the movie: Like where is will be filmed and when shooting of the scenes will start? And do you need any supernumeraries - someone for minor roles?

Greetings from Germany

Raymond Thompson: Hello AmberBray. We're still in the early stages of development. It's a long process. But we're targeting a 2014 release. Stay tuned for more info!

Scottie wrote: Hey Ray and AJ! I just wanted to thank you both so much for taking the time to chat and answer questions from fans and also to say A New World has got to be the best book that I've ever read! It was so thrilling to read over Christmas, I absolutely loved it Thanks for an amazing and breathtaking story!


A J Penn: Thank you Scottie for the lovely feedback and support. A lot of passion and sincerity went into it and it's great to have such responses, truly humbling

Thank you

hawksgirl1983 wrote: ...and while we're on the subject of "old characters", will we ever find out what happened to those who were "left behind" when the Mall Rats fled the city? Yep, I'm talking about Hawk and the rest of the Eco Tribe...

Raymond Thompson: Yes, hopefully that will be explored in a future book but there is an overall plan/story in mind for what happened

Never Ending Storm wrote: What was your inspiration for a virus to wipe out all the adults and not a device or some other means?

Raymond Thompson: I wanted to have an interesting framework and reason to wipe out all the adults so that the young were left alone to rebuild society. Sorry, but I can't give any more details, as it will spoil what I have in mind. It will eventually be revealed.

TheTribe91 wrote: Hii!!

Can we expect something new from cloud 9 in 2012 and what are your plans for future ?

Raymond Thompson: Currently we're busy with the Tribe revival. Such as novels and developing the movie. I am also developing another film, which I hope to do. So we're busy sowing seeds for the future.

EagleMountainDreams wrote: AJ: What character do you identify best with?

A J Penn: Good question. I think there's a 'piece of everyone' in each character - something everyone can identify with, an aspect of personality that the characters have. The Tribe characters represent 'real people' who are believable and have their own ethos, behaviour - that the viewer/reader can relate to

Hard to single out one. I would hope to have the ideals of an Amber to try and make the world a better place but there's a little bit of me that relates to each character

How about you?

Phoenix<3 wrote: If this really happened and you were in your youth and you were to surive, would you live by the same rules as the Mall Rats or what would be diferent?

Raymond Thompson: That is a great question. The Mall Rats represent hope, and I guess I would wish for them to prevail on a personal level. But on a creative level all ideologies and views of all the Tribes are great to examine and explore.

Amber wrote: One more question inspired by "Keeping The Dream Alive": while reading the book, I often got the feeling that Ray was a bit of like Forrest Gump (love that movie) – meeting HM Elizabeth, and the Beatles etc… and all these crazy things that have happened to you and I loved reading about… With the crazy busy scheldule and running around..... sometimes literally.......The island hopping and having to leave UK on clock….. wow. And the cocoa incident during the millenium was so nice to read about……

LOL Imagine my surprise when towards the end there in the book was a mention of Forrest Gump.

So QUESTION to RAY as well as AJ Penn: could you both list some of your favourite movies of the moment) and is that particular one amongst them or has been?)

Raymond Thompson: I am very inspired by Ray's real life story and can understand the Forrest Gump methodology.

I would hope it means to try and be yourself, stay pure and try and be innocent and hopefully the 'Gods of Karma' will reward you in life.

I really like Forrest Gump as a film and love any movie like that that tries to 'make the world a better place' in its themes so that you walk out the cinema a little bit different to the person who walked in there.

Phoenix<3 wrote: Ray was it difficult to create new and exciting material for the viewers so you weren't being to repetative?

Raymond Thompson: It's always very difficult to try and do this.

Zilliana1 wrote: So what would you guys do if you where kids again and the virus happened

A J Penn: I would panic, try and calm down, take a big breath

I think what happens in The Tribe itself is pretty much an accurate portrayal of what would happen in real life. Some would succumb to anarchy and chaos, others would try and salvage what's left of the past and fight to build a better future. Hopefully I'd be in that latter camp

ABADEO wrote: My boyfriend wants me to ask:

How does it feel to have created something that has devoloped its own "cult" following?


Raymond Thompson: Very humbling and very proud. But also very grateful to all the fans for the wonderful support which makes it all possible.

Bray wrote: I loved the book! I read it over 47 consecutive days (one chapter per day to make it last longer! lol). I thought all the new characters were fantastic, and at long last Bray held his baby in his own arms for the first time. That was emotional. I had tears of happiness when I read that, and I read that bit loads of times!

A J Penn: Thank you so much for the lovely feedback. So much hard work and thought went into the book and it's great to have such wonderful feedback, truly humbling

The Tribe is such an emotional series with all the themes it covers so hopefully if the book struck any chords, it has done its part

Patsy wrote: Whos dog was Cloudys? Was he yours? or one of the crew members ? Cloudy was really sweet i love that they got a new dog, after Bob died in the series.

Raymond Thompson: Cloudy belonged to the animal trainer, she was very sweet. Bob was the Thompson family dog, and we miss him very much.

Velasca wrote: Not just Hawk there... little mouse

I was wondering.. as Patsy mentioned before..

The Emma in ANW.. is she the same Emma that is Luke's sister in the pre-tribe?

Raymond Thompson: No, different character.

Never Ending Storm wrote: What was your inspiration behind the technos and their fancy gadgets?

A J Penn: I know Ray has ideas about the use of technology and its responsibility, especially in this day and age, so the Technos was a way to explore that.

In story terms too, what happened is something plausible too (if you read the New World and saw some of the backstory about the SEED program, etc). Some 'kids' would be trained by the adults to survive and those with technical skills (like Ram) would be the ones to inherit the responsibility of technology

hawksgirl1983 wrote: ...and while we're on the subject of "old characters", will we ever find out what happened to those who were "left behind" when the Mall Rats fled the city? Yep, I'm talking about Hawk and the rest of the Eco Tribe...

Raymond Thompson: Yes, we will shed light on this in future stories.

Phoenix<3 wrote: AJ Penn, were you a tribe fan yourself or did you just take on the role of writing the books, and was it a challenge to write it?

A J Penn: I've known Ray and Harry for a number of years and was always very 'in' to The Tribe since its inception. So I am a fan of it too and it was a fantastic opportunity to write the next book, a big responsibility

auto_meiser wrote: I want to say thanks for releasing the new albums, the music on them is just amazing. It's wonderful how you can just play the CDs and be pulled back into a particular scene or moment! Shows how special it is! And the book was written so well that I found myself doing exactly that... imaging what music you'd use for the scenes

Raymond Thompson: Thank you so much! I'm pleased that you enjoyed it, it means a lot to know that our work has touched you.

Patsy wrote: Where did you find the inspiriation for the different tribes?

Raymond Thompson: I've always been interested in various cultures, especially indigenous ones.

Phoenix<3 wrote: AJ Penn, how many books do you intend on writing for the series and are the books supposed to be a series each book?

A J Penn: I will be discussing with Ray but will be happy to do some more. I know Ray is also discussing with Harry and they are trying to plan out how many books will occur.

Yes each book is kinda like a season

ABADEO wrote: Thanks so much for answering everyone's questions! It's so great that you take the time out to chat with fans

That's a link to picture of my new tattoo (the mallrats pentagram on my left hand , I'm not so good at html coding) Just wanted to share it with you! <3 Always keeping the dream alive!


A J Penn: Thank you for chatting too - and your tattoo looks awesome!

A J Penn: I've got a flight to catch so have to go but just wanted to thank Ray - and each and every single one of you for being a part of this live chat.

It's been great to interact with you.

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and comments again on A New World, which is truly humbling.

My very best wishes to you


Message from RayEdit

Sorry everyone if we couldn't get to your questions right now but AJ has promised to come back and finish anyone's.

I will do the same.

We'll have to have a cut off point though being any questions posted up until now being 11 am here in Australia

We'll also answer any pre-chat ones as soon as we can so I promise we'll get to all the questions.

I've never had a chance to go over the forums and will also take some time to look at all the posts. Including as many as I can in Fan Fiction. I wish I had more time to give some feedback.

I would just like to take this opportunity though of thanking you all for your wonderful support. We were a little overwhelmed at such an amazing response to The Tribe: A New World, which is really great because it can only help with all the things I am trying to do with The Tribe from the movie to other book tie-ins and who knows, perhaps even an adaptation of a new television series. There is a lot going on. That is thanks in the main to all the loyalty and dedication of The Tribe fans. I know we don't have too many on the Forum page these days with Facebook being what it is and other social media but with support being a two way thing, I am always happy to return that support and keep the forums going because I know how important it is for our roleplayers and those doing Fan Fictions.

Please bear in mind though that it is a fan site and I'm always conscious of trying to protect the cast and crew for all their professional work so please try and be sensitive as I would hate for them to get hurt in any way if anyone is cruel regarding their performances. I am proud of the entire team and want to focus on all the positive things which in turn is very motivating for me to keep going and push the boundaries in keeping the dream alive. I'll have our moderators do a prize draw for a phone call. But then am afraid I have a business lunch and I know A J has a flight to catch. So forgive us for rushing away. But we promise to come back and finish up.

Thanks for taking the time to visit with us. It's great to have the opportunity of making contact with the ones who really matter. You - the fans.

Thank you for keeping my dream alive. I'll always do all I can to keep your's alive too. Lots of love to you all.[6]