Beep Beep
Album Abe Messiah
Released 2000
Recorded 2000 at Trident Studios, London

Euphonix Studios at Nomis Studios, London Marmalade Studios, Wellington

Label Sanctuary Records Group
Length 3:34

Beep Beep is a song featured on both the original Abe Messiah album and the 2003 re-release.



Spread it all out
Spread it all out
Give it all the time
That you think you need

You and I know
You and I know
You've got to live your life
Do what you belive

Right from the start
Right from your heart
Listen to the rhythm
Of the funky beat
Let it all go
Let it all go
Feel it in your head
Running to your feet

We'll all be living it up
Let's party
Give it up
Tribe Stylee
We'll all be living it up
Let's party
Ready to burst
It's the 21st Century show

If you wanna know how
I'll show you right now
Love is all about
Sharing what you got

If you want to hang out
You gotta get down
Keep moving to the groove now
Don't ever stop

I want you to be
My fantasy
There's one for every boy
One for every girl

High energy
Setting me free
It's up to us
To build up a brand new world

We'll all be living it up
Let's party
Giving it up
Tribe style
We'll all be living it up
Let's party
Slipping and sliding
Jumping and jiving
Let it all go

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