Baby Bray, was the son of Bray and Amber, the nephew of Trudy and Zoot/Martin and the cousin of Brady.

Baby Bray is the son of Tribe World's most famous couple- Amber and Bray. He was born early in Series 4 at the same time when The Technos - began their invasion and took Bray (Baby Bray's father) with them. Amber previously had went through some pretty hard ordeals (she was kidnapped by Ned) and this influenced her pregnancy - the labor started before the right time. Just before Amber went into labor, Ebony had banished Bray and heavily pregnant Amber from the city for disagreeing with her. It was a shock when Amber went into labor as she was premature, and just when Amber needed Bray the most he was captured by the Technos. Amber wouldn't of made it through the birth of her child if Trudy hang it. She delivered a very healthy baby boy. After learning that Bray had disappeared Amber had to raise Baby Bray on her own. Amber named her son after his father, Bray.

Baby bray sammy and brady
Amber and Baby Bray


  • Baby Bray is the youngest character to appear in The Tribe.
  • He is the only character who doesn't wear face-paint.
  • A rumor is that had Bray not been written out of the show after Series 3, Baby Bray's name would have been Dal, in honor of Amber's late friend who died early on in Series 3.
  • Baby Bray could actually be Sky, the main protagonist in The New Tomorrow.


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