This article is about the 2001 album. You may be looking for the 2003 re-release or the song.
Abe Messiah
Released November 7, 2000 (New Zealand)[1]

March 19, 2001 (Worldwide)

Recorded 2000
Label Sanctuary Records Group
Length 36:42
Producer John Williams, Matt Prime, Simon May, Simon Lockyer, Ben Robbins

Abe Messiah is a music album.

Track listingEdit

  1. Abe Messiah
  2. Spinning
  3. You Belong To Me
  4. Abadeo
  5. Banging the Drum
  6. This is the Place
  7. I Can't Stop
  8. Beep Beep
  9. Everywhere You Go
  10. The Dream Must Stay Alive


  1. News: 6th November 2000 on Tribeworld

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